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Located at 845 NW Delaware, Suite 102

At Shine Studio, we believe in the infinite possibility within each of us. We want to offer tools to help women connect to their personal sources of inspiration. You were born to lived inspired, you were born to shine…

We are devoting this Spring to “Spring Cleaning Your Life.” When we clean the windows to our soul, our light shines through.

We have weekly classes, special series for teens and children, and a workshop using the Off The Mat Into The World curriculum to connect you to your sense of purpose. What are you waiting for? Spring is the perfect time to let go and let good.

Click the links below for more information on special offerings or to reserve your spot online:

                       Classes                   Series                           Workshops

Our NEW April Weekly Schedule:


12:30-1:30                                 Teen Series                                   Amanda *


9:30-10:30                                 Detox Flow                                   Cynthia

5:30-6:30                                   Living Yoga                                  Cynthia


9:30-10:30                                  Yoga 4 Runners                         Sara

12:00-1:00                                  Living Yoga                                Sara

1:30-2:45                                     Teen Series                                 Amanda *


9:00-10:00                                  QiGong                                       Maggie

12:00-1:00                                  Detox Yoga                                 Lilli


12:00-1:00                                  Living Yoga                                 Cynthia

4:30-5:30                                    Happy Hour Yoga                      Lilli

* special series or workshop, click links above for more information.

Weekly Class Descriptions:

Detox Flow ~ this class is designed to help your body let go and let good – extra twists and forward folds will help your body naturally begin spring cleaning. are you ready to feel lighter & brighter this spring? we thought so.

Happy Hour Yoga ~ this class is devoted to all the women who rarely take an hour to do anything just for themselves – a light-hearted vinyasa practice designed especially with you in mind. belly up to the mat, girlfriend; this round is on us.

Living Yoga ~ this class is devoted to women who want to feel supported in their efforts to live their best lives – a vinyasa practice combined with lifestyle tips intended to nourish and soothe the body, mind, and soul. it’s a cross-your-heart bra for the soul.

Yoga 4 Runners ~ this class is designed to support your active lifestyle – whether you’re running more miles, more meetings, or more mama shuttle services.  do yoga, run happy.


Studio Info:

Drop-Ins        $12

4-Pack          $40

8-Pack          $65

Special: teachers & students receive a special rate of $6/class.

Monthly Promotions: We offer special monthly promotions because you’re worth it.

Please contact us if price is still prohibitive. We want to find ways to make yoga accessible to everyone. There may be some volunteer options available.

*  The doors will be open 20min. before & after each class for tea & girl talk.
*  We offer mats and materials to use for all classes unless otherwise specified.
*  We don’t sweat, we glow…we try to keep the temperature at a nice 75-80 degrees.

Global Shine

A portion of all our proceeds goes to our  non-profit organization, Global Shine, to offer workshops, events, retreats, and  service travel opportunities that empower women & girls. For more information, email Amanda Stuermer:


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